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Mike Foster, CEO, The Foster Institute, Inc.

Mike Foster, Foster Institute

Mr. Foster is a consultant and professional speaker who flies around North America all week, about 50 weeks per year. His office team is spread around North America too and prior to using VCIT, they would remote in to his main office network. Having to support this network remotely was time consuming for him, and all major operations had to wait until he returned to his office on weekends. This waiting was an inconvenience to his employees and was costly for his business.  Not only that, it prevented him from spending time with his family. He started to see the benefits of providing a “Windows desktop in the cloud” for his employees.

Mr. Foster evaluated many vendors and found that VCIT was by far the most cost effective and functional for his needs. Mr. Foster has kindly shared with us this audio recording to explain the business benefits he and his staff have reaped from using a Windows Desktop in the cloud, powered by VCIT:

Foster VCIT Testimonial

Rennie Maierle, District Program Principal, Burnaby School Board

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We have had the opportunity to work with Alan Osborne of VCIT Consulting since October 2006.
Our organization had been encountering significant problems with breakdowns and a lack of accountability from technicians. We were also spending too much money maintaining our systems. Costs were becoming unpredictable and budgeting was becoming an arduous process. Our management team was spending too much time coordinating computer issues.

In consultation with Alan, we moved to a Managed Remote Desktop Solution. Our management team has been able to delegate all computer issues to VCIT Consulting with confidence that the computer systems will be proactively managed and that issues will be dealt with expeditiously and effectively. VCIT has provided exceptional service and our confidence in the stability of our computer systems have been restored. The freedom to access all of our applications and data over the web from any computer has also been of benefit. Finally, we are able to easily budget for computer related expenditures as VCIT Consulting provides us with these services at a fixed monthly cost.

I am happy to recommend VCIT Consulting to any organization looking to solve their computer related issues.


Stay one step ahead

Lee Purvis, Vice President of Operations, Strangeloop Networks

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I would like to personally express my sincere gratitude to Alan Osborne of VCIT Consulting for his professionalism, integrity, expertise and dedication to superior service.

During the development phase of Strangeloop Networks, we needed to test the efficacy of our product as quickly as possible. We were looking to partner up with an experienced and agile technology company that could design and implement a hosted development/test environment on an extremely compressed schedule. We also needed our entire development team to have secure, remote access to all aspects of this environment. In short, we needed reliable access from anywhere to the applications and data that our business depends on.

We chose VCIT Consulting because they demonstrated the required expertise, they understood both our technical and business requirements, and they could deliver us anytime, anywhere access to our applications and data.

Alan helped us to develop an initial design specification, provided us with a detailed roadmap outlining the implementation plan, assisted with sourcing hardware and software that we required, and worked long hours to execute the plan, finishing the work ahead of schedule. As a result, we were able to meet our business targets for our product launch.

I highly recommend VCIT Consulting to any company looking for superior service from an experienced provider of hosted computing and consulting services.


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