What Is A Cloud Desktop?

A Cloud Desktop is a regular Windows installation that resides in a remote data center and is accessed over the Internet from anywhere.

It performs and behaves exactly like a well maintained office PC, so there’s no need for expensive staff retraining.

It’s a game changer because a Cloud Desktop adds new benefits such as mobility, simplicity, cost assurance, security, and business continuity in the event of disaster.

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, simply stated, is the ability to use files and applications over the Internet instead of hosting, storing, or processing them on locally managed hardware

Josh Manchester, Forbes Magazine

Cloud computing is a catchy buzzword that every online provider has tried to claim. The result is a lot of consumer confusion.

From a high level, cloud computing is any technology that makes compute resources available to subscribers as an online service.

In practical terms, it’s the outsourcing of IT services and infrastructure to a remote data center that’s managed by another company.

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