Leveraging Cloud Computing For Competitive Advantage

Cloud Competitive Advantage

Cloud computing provides some unique benefits such as simplicity, ubiquitous access, subscription billing, better security, and built-in disaster recovery to name a few. But will cloud computing drive operational efficiencies and provide your business with a competitive advantage?

Cloud computing is a disruptive technology that fundamentally changes the way you leverage technology to run your business.

Here are just a few examples of competitive advantages that cloud computing provides:

  • Eliminates capital costs for IT infrastructure, giving SMBs access to IT infrastructure they couldn’t otherwise afford and frees capital to be redirected towards revenue generating assets
  • Rapid provisioning of IT services to new employees makes them immediately productive
  • Rapid company-wide deployment of new software and updates eliminates compatibility issues and fuels innovation
  • Ubiquitous 24×7 access from anywhere, using any device lets SMBs responded quicker to customers, enables flextime without impacting productivity, and provides built-in business continuity in the face of disaster

Here is a discussion paper on the same topic: