Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Capital expenditure should be strategic, create long-term benefits, and generate on-going revenue.

By leveraging our Cloud DaaS solutions, you can eliminate on-premise servers and reinvest your precious capital strategically instead. We’ll provide all of the required server hardware and software, and manage everything in our secure data center. Each month, we’ll invoice you based on your active user count and storage needs. You get all the same benefits of traditional in-house IT while enjoying a lower total cost and an uncompromised user experience.

You’ll gain new benefits too, such as the ability to workshift from anywhere, built-in disaster recovery and backups, improved security, and rapid scalability. See our Benefits page for details.

Your precious capital can be reinvested in strategic assets that positively affect your bottom line. Not only that, you can reclaim the wasted space in your office that those noisy servers take up!

Our expert technicians take care of the tedious day to day IT maintenance issues including user changes, software patches, security updates, software upgrades, and helpdesk. We even provide free upgrades to core applications such as Microsoft Office. You no longer have to do anything, just use it!

To further reduce your in-house IT costs, you can eliminate traditional PCs in your office and replace them with tiny thin client computers. These simple solid state devices connect you directly to the VCIT cloud without all of the maintenance and headache of traditional PCs. A thin client can even be bolted to the back of your monitor, freeing up valuable desk space and hiding all those messy wires.

Using less than 10 watts of power, these devices pay for themselves in about one year (based on savings versus a typical PC that consumes $225 in electricity annually), helping you to reduce costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

Built-in Disaster Recovery

Is your office the safest place for your data?

Thousands of businesses are victims of theft and other unexpected disasters every year, yet tragically few are able to fully recover. Even if you do have comprehensive backups, it will likely takes days to get in replacement hardware and weeks to fully recover.

In stark contrast, VCIT customers leverage our investment in IT infrastructure that’s designed for both high availability and redundancy, giving them an unprecedented level of data protection and peace of mind.

Should the main VCIT data center go offline, we have a disaster recovery site to which we replicate all of our IT infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, we’ll have everything up and running again from our DR site.

Should a disaster strike your office, you can relocate to any location with an Internet connection and a computer (or laptop, Macbook, tablet, smartphone, etc). For tablet users with a wireless connection, they can work from almost anywhere!