Mission Statement

Freedom to work from anywhere

Freedom to work from anywhere

First and foremost, thank you for visiting our site and for taking the time to learn more about us.

VCIT Consulting was founded on four guiding principles that continue to serve as the corner stones of our success:

  • To focus on client business objectives, value, and service – not on technology, features, and billable hours
  • To provide proactively managed services that guarantee stability, uptime, and productivity
  • To provided fixed cost service wherever possible with a strong ROI for clients
  • To eliminate, wherever possible, the need for customer premises hardware and software

Based on these principles, we have developed a turn-key Cloud Computing solution using Citrix and VMware technologies. We have invested in fast, highly reliable, enterprise level hardware for our VMware based data center. This investment allows us to provide virtual computing resources to our clients so they do not need to purchase dedicated server hardware and software, saving our clients substantial capital costs over both the short and long terms.

Recognizing the importance of cash flow management to small and medium businesses, we then developed a delivery model to package that technology investment as a fixed cost, monthly subscription service. Also, because we wanted a turn-key solution, we included proactively managed services as a key element of the subscription service to guarantee stability, uptime, and productivity for subscribers.

Because our offering is all about service, rather than about selling hardware and software from vendors, we recognize that outstanding customer service, offering true value, and helping our clients to achieve their business objectives is the only way we can be successful in the long run. Top Of Page